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Who's using lumzy: 76,636 Designers from 215 Countries on 103,206 Projects...

  • From creating a prototype, to sending it to clients, everything is seamless. In fact, Lumzy doesn't have a file extension, so your client need not bother downloading a player to open any prototype files. A link is all they need.

  • Add actions and events to controls, to emulate your project. Lumzy is NOT one of those simple page linkers - but rather, a functional prototyping tool where user actions can trigger popups, alerts, page navigation, etc.... The player runs all these for your clients to see, test and even annotate.

  • When we say quick, we mean it. Lumzy is simple and fast to use. No downloads, no sending files to clients. Simply click "Share" and your client sees the project on the other end, just as you created it, and can post comments back and forth iteratively.

  • Lumzy has a complete library of components, along with tons of icons, to help you quickly put together your prototypes. Simply drag the component from the library and onto your page - it's that easy!

  • Lumzy offers the ability to share a project with others by simply sending them a URL. Nothing to download or install. They simply click on the URL to use your interactive prototype or to view your mockup.

  • The only protoyping tool with a real image editor in-built. Grab any picture from your drive and edit it within Lumzy. Apply hue, saturation, adjust contrast, etc... and add it to your project.

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